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Minnesota Telehealth Inventory 2007

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Welcome to the Minnesota Telehealth Registry's website registry of telehealth resources and services in the State of Minnesota.


Minnesota has been a pioneer in the development and dissemination of telehealth applications. It is evident from press reports, federal and state funded projects and presence on the national scene that it continues to be very active in the area. Furthermore, as information technology evolves, new opportunities for its application to health care continually emerge. More specifically, decreasing costs and increasing availability of telecommunications technologies allow for medicine to be practiced and care delivered across ever-larger regional areas.

Registry Purpose

Telemedicine and telehealth in Minnesota are becoming increasingly prevalent modes of delivering medical care. However, until now, no centralized public repository or registry existed listing such activities, projects and services. This Registry was created in July 2007 as a joint project of the Minnesota Department of Health's Office of Rural Health and Primary Care and the University of Minnesota's Institute for Health Informatics to:
  • aid in policy and budget planning by state agencies
  • enable research into telemedicine services by investigators, and
  • promote the use of telehealth among providers, patients and the general public.
Initial data in the Registry was collected from health care providers who participated in the Minnesota Telehealth Inventory 2007. The site has been designed to allow providers to easily add information about their facilities and telehealth/telemedicine services and search for other providers providing similar services.

We hope you find the information presented here to be useful. Our best efforts have been devoted to compiling and maintaining a current list of these resources and services for your information.


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